DevicePilot Introduces Core

DevicePilot Introduces Core: Decreasing the cost to manage smart devices at scale to pennies or less

Core enables businesses to scale rapidly and cheaply to millions of connected devices

DevicePilot, the service management platform for smart energy and smart home companies, reported the launch of DevicePilot Core. Core is DevicePilot’s first big update since the company’s beginning in 2016. It allows customers to manage their smart products at costs as low as 1p per device each month, shrinking both the human and machine costs needed for operating large estates of connected devices. Core solves considerable challenges for companies in consumer electronics, utilities, & electric vehicle charging, that are struggling to maintain device performance and service quality as they scale to satisfy demand. Conquering these challenges is particularly important now as consumers abandon fossil fuels by adopting smart energy products that need to work accurately. Core can additionally scale to tens of millions of devices, which the legacy DevicePilot platform could not do.

Consumer electronics and utilities firms can struggle with the move away from ‘dumb’ devices sold as standalone products. The trend towards smart devices that provide continuous service with recurring revenue is more complex and expensive to support, specifically at scale. Core helps customers carry out service quality easily as they expand, by giving companies complete visibility of the performance and condition of their smart products from individual devices to the whole fleet.

Device vendors coming from the world of dumb devices may only troubleshoot or fix issues responsively once a customer complains. Still, smart devices expedite more proactive detection and resolution. Core allows problems to be detected, diagnosed, and even automatically fixed proactively, directed by the device’s live telemetry. Core helps customers automate various management tasks throughout their device estate, as well as routine maintenance, customer support and software updates.

Core provides flexible deployment choices to give customers control of their costs which are available either as a completely managed SaaS or deployed directly into customer’s AWS account. It is a low code / no code platform built on Apache Flink, so it can be used by any team, not just developers. It frees smart product companies from creating their own custom service management tools. The automation of service management additionally saves human resources, since many tasks can be achieved without human intervention from customer support or engineering. Core further cuts cloud costs because companies can move processing out of general-purpose data stores which can be costly at scale.

DevicePilot CEO and co-founder Pilgrim Beart also established AlertMe, a company sold to Centrica British Gas for $100m in 2015 as the platform for its Hive brand, so Mr Beart understands the challenges that smart device vendors encounter.

“Smart products are not really products at all, they are a service,” stated Beart. “The adjustment from product developer to service provider can be difficult & costly. Building your own support tools, and scaling up your support teams in proportion to a growing device estate, is a super inefficient way to grow. With DevicePilot Core, we want to show smart device makers that there’s a better way. With cloud costs of around one pence per month per device at scale, Core can reduce human costs & machine cost in one fell swoop, while driving up service quality. Vendors gain total visibility of their device estate and use their data to fix issues faster, automate 95% of jobs, and solve problems before the customer even notices. It makes for happier customers, reduces customer churn, and helps businesses to scale at speed.”

DevicePilot Introduces Core




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