StorTera Wins Grand Prize in Cleantech Challenge

StorTera Wins Grand Prize in Cleantech Challenge: StorTera, an energy storage innovator in Edinburgh, are pleased to report that they have been awarded the $1 million grand prize along with their Canadian partner Equilibrium Engineering for the very competitive Canada-UK Power Forward Challenge. The award was announced amid the GLOBE Forum 2022 in Vancouver by the Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Natural Resources Canada.

“StorTera has been awarded the $1m grand prize in the Power Forward Challenge”

The Power Forward Challenge was directed at progressing smart grid technology in a collaborative initiative between the Canadian & UK governments. The $1 million prize was awarded by Natural Resources Canada to the Alba Nova project, which was developed by StorTera and their Canadian partner Equilibrium Engineering. The winning project focuses on some of the important challenges in the wide scale roll-out of smart grids, which are vital to reach net zero targets. One of the key issues is how to bring various stakeholders together, like grid network operators & consumers, to share both the costs and benefits of improving our energy system to deal with the integration of renewable energy, electrification of heating and charging of electric vehicles (EVs). The innovative solution utilised an artificial intelligence platform to enhance the performance of the smart grid in real time by precise forecasting of weather and energy demand for the day ahead. A full scale demonstration project was set up in the Town of Berwick, Nova Scotia. The installation involved intelligent energy storage, energy efficiency improvements to buildings, renewable energy generation and the ability to control electrical loads like hot water heating.

The performance of the final solution was verified and validated at Dalhousie University in Canada by industry leading experts.

This project shows the advances in low carbon technology and what can be accomplished today by companies like StorTera, who are at the cutting edge of developments in energy storage. The Alba Nova team aims to offer this solution to other utilities and market segments throughout Canada and the UK.

“The UK is proud to partner with Canada in the Power Forward Challenge, which supports innovative and disruptive proposals for smart energy systems to help us meet the changing energy needs of a net zero future. I am delighted to see the success of this challenge in action and to be part of today’s awards, which helps ot make a clean future possible”

Thomas Codrington

British Consul General in Vancouver, Government of the United Kingdom

“Our government challenged innovators to find breakthrough cleantech solutions to help solve some of Canada’s

biggest problems and they delivered. I’m proud to award the grand prize for the Power Forward Challenge to Equilibrium Engineering & their UK partner StorTera.”

The Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson

Minister of Natural Resources Canada

StorTera Wins Grand Prize in Cleantech Challenge




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British Utilities

Saving your business money on all utilities and providing you with up-to-date news as well as tips on saving money.

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