University of Surrey unveil details of solar facility with SSE

University of Surrey unveil details of solar facility with SSE: The University of Surrey has announced additional details of its new 12.2MW solar farm on its own land to the west of Guildford that will help the campus accelerate its path to net-zero.

The University’s partnership with SSE Energy Solutions will boost its on-site renewable energy generation from 0.1% to 20% of total annual demand. Once finished, it will have the capability of generating enough energy to supply the equivalent of 4,000 UK homes every year.

The project allows a choice to improve the neighbouring biodiversity of the land with wildflower planting, nature corridors, hedgerow expansion and bug hotels.

Solar facilities that have been monitored on a regular basis by ecologists reveal an increase throughout time in the local abundance and variety of plants, pollinators, birds, and other wildlife.

Professor Bob Nichol, the University of Surrey’s Executive Lead for Climate Change, stated: “The University of Surrey community is dedicated to doing our bit to minimise global warming and our move to home generated solar power is an important part of our plans.

“Big strides like this are essential for organisations to reduce their carbon footprints. Increasing our solar generation is just one part of Surrey’s sustainability story, and we are keen to talk to others in Surrey, and universities beyond, to bring organisations and individuals with us on our road to ‘Net-Zero’.”

Pieter D’haen, senior development manager from SSE Energy Solutions, announced: “We are a responsible developer with in depth expertise in operating low carbon infrastructure. Now more than ever it is essential to accelerate the indigenous generation of clean energy to enhance the national security of energy supply & the University of Surrey project is a great example of what communities can do to play their part.”

A regional community event is planned before submitting the planning application to collect feedback from the residents and examine questions concerning the project.

The solar facility will decrease carbon emissions by an predicted 1,110 tonnes each year and is vital in reaching the University’s 2030 net zero carbon goal, confirmed using the science-based targets initiative.

Surrey has already made noticeable effects towards meeting its goal and slashing emissions by 24% between 2005 and 2019 and will be launching the first phase of its staff and student electric vehicle charging programme later this year.

An additional step to solidify its leading status in the sector will be the introduction of the Surrey Institute for Sustainability later this year, to implement inter-disciplinary research.

SSE newly revealed an ambitious £12.5bn capital investment plan to speed up progress towards net zero and its distributed energy team brings real-world, realistic experience of implementing low carbon distributed energy solutions on the ground. This solar project with the University is only one example of its efforts to help people and places to decarbonise and shift towards net zero. The UK Government has also presently announced the intention to boost the national solar capacity by five times by 2035.

University of Surrey unveil details of solar facility with SSE




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Saving your business money on all utilities and providing you with up-to-date news as well as tips on saving money.

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